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How Racial Stereotyping of Latinos by Media Shapes Attitudes

A recent poll by the National Hispanic Media Coalition called, "National Poll: The Impact of Media Stereotypes on Opinions and Attitudes Towards Latinos" proves that negative media portrayals in media contribute to negative opinions of Latinos and immigrants by non-Latinos. The major findings:

1. News and entertainment media have a strong influence on non-Latino perceptions about Latinos and immigrants.

2. Media portrayals of Latinos and immigrants can diminish or exacerbate stereotypically negative opinions about them. 

3. Those with more direct interaction with or knowledge of Hispanics hold more positive views of the group and its members. Those holding very negative views are often those with little direct exposure to Hispanic Americans.

4. Negative portrayals of Latinos and immigrants are pervasive in news and entertainment media. Consequently, non-Latinos commonly believe that many media-promoted negative stereotypes about these groups are true.

5. People exposed to negative entertainment or news narratives about Latinos hold the most unfavorable and hostile views about Latinos.

6. Conservative radio and Fox News program viewers are less familiar with and less favorable toward Latinos and immigrants on nearly every measure included in the survey.

7. The most commonly held Latino stereotypes run parallel to those reflected in the media. Participants were asked to recall the kinds of roles they see Latinos play in television and film. The top three roles non-Latinos see Latinos play are: criminal or gang member, gardener or landscaper, and maid or housekeeper.



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How Racial Stereotyping of Latinos
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